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Employment Counselor

Company: Empowering Health Agency LLC
Location: Burnsville
Posted on: January 15, 2022

Job Description:

Manages the communications standards with clients or case managers or DEED professionals to ensure high quality services for the employment clients. The employment counselor (EC) supervises counsels' clients first stages of exploring competitive employment. - Employment outcomes are crucial to the client's quality of life and the specialist continues to coach the client with professional skills while implementing the person-centered approach. The agency utilizes the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) to guide best ethical practices and the specialist must implement code of ethics: 1.01 Commitment to clients, 1.02 Self-Determination, 1.03 Informed Consent, 1.05 Cultural competence, 1.06 Conflict of interest, 1.07 Privacy and confidentiality, 1.08 Access to records, 1.10 Physical contact, 1.09 Sexual relationships, 1.11 Sexual harassment, 1.14 Clients who lack decision- making capacity, 1.16 Referral of services and 1.17 Termination of services (NASW,2021).

The Purpose of the Employment Specialist:
Employment Counselor (EC) is responsible for building a professional relationship with the client to determine realistic employment goals using theoretical framework and behavioral modalities to help the client build more confidence and skills that involves the emotional and behavioral state. EC creates a solid process with the client to build professional employment skills to obtain competitive employment in the community. - The EC is responsible for providing services to clients experiencing physical or mental disabilities to improve professional exploration skills. The EC is responsible for counseling and providing employment exploration stage. The EC is to adhere to the mission of Empowering Health LLC, which states that Empowering Health LLC believes that personal and professional growth is a process that means that individuals work towards understanding the "self." And understanding the core of the services they provide creates a path to identifying the barriers and learning from the challenges to critically problem solve, which will lead to personal and professional growth. Confident individuals understand the value of the services and learn to embrace the vulnerabilities within themselves and others.

Master's degree or Doctoral degree with a concentration in psychology, social work or counseling and 1-5 years of experience within the human services field with a valid license to provide emotional and behavioral services such as a L.P., L.I.C.S.W, L.G.S.W, L.P.C, Ph.D., Psy. D, Ed.D, M.D, D.O, L.P.A, L.C.S.W,

Understanding professional development
Knowledge of PowerPoint software
Knowledge of person-centered approach
Skills in strategic planning and development
Skills in evidence-based practice pertaining to obtaining and maintaining employment
Understanding of developing training materials
Skills in building a successful team
Skills in creatively problem-solving issues involving ESS 245D compliance
Knowledge or the willingness to learn the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) code of ethics
Client- Centered Services
Knowledge of the principals and process of providing client-centered services
Skills in developing and implementing ESS client assessments
Could develop and structure a high standard goal for client satisfaction
Skills in developing measurement tools for ESS in all three stages
English Language
Knowledge of the structures and content of the English language including the meaning, spelling of words, grammar and rules and composition.
Personnel and Human Resources
Knowledge of HR processes including employee rights
Clear understanding of the Empowering Health Agency LLC policy handbook
Economics and Accounting
Knowledge of financial data such as how we bill for employment clients with DEED
Knowledge of Performance Based-Milestone Rates (DEED)
Law and Government
Knowledge of the law governing social services and a full understanding of 245D compliance.
Knowledge of public safety, field work and laws governing HIPPA of client information, and the protection of employees, clients, and data.
Knowledge of Vulnerable Adult Protection and Minors
Knowledge of DHS positive support approach
Have a basic understanding of Algebra, arithmetic, and statistics.
Education and Training
Knowledge of principles and methods for curriculum development and training.
Have the skills to teach a large group and develop a positive morale
Have the skill set to motivate and empower clients to be successful in their employment endeavors
Primary responsibilities of the Employment Counselor:
Evaluate the implementation of structured client-centered coaching
Understand the first stages of Employment Services: Employment exploration
Understand 245D compliance and documentation procedures of tracking hours, location, and documenting goals.
Complete one on one counseling with clients
The EC will work with rotating EC clients and will not be assigned caseloads
Advocate for behavioral or emotional pertaining to employment exploration for ESS clients
Develop a solid measurement tool to help the ESS client with successfully completing their employment goal plan to help the client be successful in exploring their first competitive work, before working with an employment specialist
Create a tool to keep track of each client's progress and continuous evaluate for changes
May travel up to 80% of the time
Must keep up with all changes to services from DHS
Postsecondary Education Counseling Services
Postsecondary Supports (Remedial training or services)
Engage in customized support, create plans that is tailored for the clients physical and mental health needs
Pre-ETS Job exploration Counseling services (Youth)
Pre-ETS Post-Secondary Education Counseling Services
Required Skills
The EC must possess active learning and listening skills. Understanding and actively listening to clients to effectively resolve issues and avoid unethical outcomes. The EC must have the ability to critically think through issues and develop learning strategies to increase skill development. The EC must monitor performances of self and clients and use statistics and empirical articles to develop a strategy to improve processes to increase self-awareness. The EC should have the ability to read, write and understand college level English. The EC must have the communication skills to convey issues to the client's team without causing conflict. The EC must have the ability to encourage clients to learn self-compassion and further develop their professional skills. The EC should understand the reactions of others and clients and help the clients navigate. It is critical for the EC to master complex problem-solving skills, technical skills, systems skills, resource management skills, job hazardous, changes, pace and scheduling, role relationships, impact of decisions and conflict of interest.

Requirements: EC should be able to bend, sit, stand, and walk without restrictions and can carry up to 25 pounds.

Our Mission:
Empowering Health LLC -view every professional in the agency as golden bars that need consistent polishing to shine (support and recognition), everyone is equally as valuable, and this includes the clients that we serve. We empower the clients and employees to grow professionally, personally, and gain insight into the reality in our society and learn how to navigate and advocate for marginalized groups.

Our Philosophy:
We utilize the feminist theory as our framework to structure policies and to develop the processes at the agency. We advocate for marginalized groups and it is our purpose to teach, mentor, and enable clients to maintain an independent life for as long as possible. To achieve this goal, the agency believes that the mental and physical well-being of the professionals is imperative.
Focusing on the outcome of client's and employees' successes, -Empowering Health LLC -believes that when working in the human services field, it is crucial to remember that the professionals are also human, and they have emotions, behaviors, and rights. The purpose of the agency is to aim for quality versus quantity, which means that there should be a cohesive and supportive environment for professionals. The agency strongly believes that when professionals are treated with respect, learn self-compassion, and self-care, the quality of services is guaranteed.

**During COVID all employees will need to get weekly COVID testing done and if vaccinated send proof of vaccination and fill out vaccine attestation form and testing consent form*

Keywords: Empowering Health Agency LLC, Burnsville , Employment Counselor, Human Resources , Burnsville, Minnesota

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